AKG K1000

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AKG K1000
AKG K1000


AKG K1000 - Overview

AKG K1000 was AKG's TOL dynamic (VLD) headphone that succeed K340, electrostatic dynamic hybrid. K1000 is AKG's take at "Free sound-field" Float design concept that was original introduced by Joerg Jecklin.

K1000 is an incredibly bold design that take headphones almost to the level of hi-fidelity small monitor speakers. Below please find a few brochures that outline the concepts of the design and construction.


German Brochure

User manual brochure

General Description of the Sound

AKG K1000 is a true hi-end headphone with very clean resolving sound and expectational realistic 3D soundstage. It should be noted that detail levels are a notch below that of electrostatic headphones and, as you might expect looking at the design, low bass reproduction is the weakest point. Some might argue that these are exceptionally musical, much more than any other headphones produced.

Pricing & Other Data of Interest

AKG K1000 driver
AKG K1000 driver

Technical specifications:

Transducer: Dynamic

Type: Free sound-field

Frequency Response: 30 - 25,000 Hz

Impedance: 120.0 Ω

SPL: 74.0 dB

Connector: 4-pin XLR

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