Balanced Armature Driver Principle

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Balanced Armature Driver Principle

A balanced armature driver employs a voice coil just like dynamic driver, however, unlike the coil in the dynamic driver, the coil in balanced armature transducer is in a fixed position just like the magnet. The moving part is a long arm (the armature) that is placed through the center of the coil. Armature does not come in contact with the magnet. The arm is only held in place in its center, so it can still move (pivot) and become the source of the driver’s vibration.

These drivers are used in hearing aides and IEM headphones and are gaining popularity rapidly. Many balanced armature drivers can be limited at the extremes of the hearing spectrum (<20Hz, >16 kHz) and require a tight seal of the in ear tip to deliver their full potential. This is why higher end IEM models might employ multiple armature drivers, dividing the frequency ranges between them using a passive crossover network. There are some IEM that combine armature drivers with a small moving-coil driver to boost lower frequencies.


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