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Fostex T10
Fostex T10


Fostex T10 - Overview

The cheapest of the original 1978 lineup of Regular Phase (RP) headphones, the T10 is not a simplified version of the world-famous T20, as one would expect, but something unique, and, as it turns out, arguably a better-sounding headphone in stock form than the T20.

The T10's magnets are unique: instead of small drilled holes as in the T20 and T40 and most other manufacturer's planar magnetic headphone drivers, or several parallel slots in the case of a few (e.g., T30), the T10's magnets have concentric slots.

T10 insides. By Tyre
T10 insides. By Tyre

General Description of the Sound

The T10 in stock form is smooth but dull or bassy, though not in an uncouth way, just tilted downward, as so many stock iso/orthos are, toward the treble. The treble is present, it just seems to come from far away-- the Stax SR-30 entry-level electrostat, for example, beats it easily in treble output.

The T10 delivers better than average sound for an unmodified isodynamic headphone, better than the stock T20v1 and arguably better than the stock T30. Fostex made an attempt to damp the T10 with the same type of absorptive mineral-wool puck it used in the far more costly T30 and T50v1 and that Stax used in the SR-30.

Interestingly, the T10 is a little more efficient than the T50. Modifying the T10 for flat response should be simple, and it could be recommended as a good starter isodynamic if only it weren't rare.

--Wualta 04-16-2008 at 11:15 PM

Pricing & Other Data of Interest

Technical specifications:

Impedance: 50 ohms @ 1 KHz ?

Sensitivity: 94dB @ 1 mW input ?

Maximum Power Input: 200mW (3.2 Vac}?

Frequency Response: 20Hz -35k Hz ?


dBel84 mod
dBel84 mod

Here is the final scheme of damping settled on by Don and me. Don modded mine as well.

1> A donut of smeggy felt on the cups with a quarter sized hole.The donut hole size is 25mm.

2> A layer of the yellow biscuit about the size of a dollar coin in the middle. The biscuit is 50mm in diameter.

3> Layer of aussie felt up against the driver.

--Sachu 01-19-2010 at 4:15 PM

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