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Jürg (Juerg) Jecklin

Jürg Jecklin, the former chief sound engineer of Swiss Radio, inventor of the Jecklin Headphone Frame, Jecklin Disk as well as various other recording and sound information encoding techniques aimed to preserving the spatial depth and placement in a recording.

Jecklin Disk

Jecklin Disk is a sound-absorbing disk placed between two microphones to create an acoustic "shadow" from one microphone to the other. The resulting two signals produce a surprisingly good stereo effect with proper depth and soundstage.


The OSS (Optimal Stereo Signal) system was designed in the 1980s by Swiss engineer Juerg Jecklin. The recording arrangement requires use of Jecklin disk.

OSS is designed to mimic the characteristics of human head and ears. Jecklin's OSS system integrates three elements (sound intensity, phase/time delays, and variations of how different frequency ranges are picked up) to produce very lifelike stereo imaging. OSS utilizes omnidirectional microphones because they act much like human ears and pick up frequencies below 200 Hz equally and as frequencies increase the disk (like a human head) blocks more sound and omnidirectional microphones tend to operate more directionally.

The OSS technique is captures to create a recording with full-bodied stereo characteristics with good levels of detail.

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