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Giant Old School Beyer DT880
Giant Old School Beyer DT880
Juerg Jecklin using Float Elektrostat
Juerg Jecklin using Float Elektrostat

This Wiki contains 444 articles about various types of headphones and headphone related material. You can talk freely and add information about any type of headphones new or old, dynamic, isodynamic (aka orthodynamic) or electrostatic.

My intention is to compile as much information about headphones for public use as possible, however I especially want to concentrate on old out of production headphones such as Jecklin Floats, vintage Stax Earspeakers, MB Peerless headphones and other obscure and not so obscure headphones that deserve to be heard.

Reviews of headphones and related equipment are welcome as well as technical descriptions, brochures and various pictures of headphones that you have, had or wish to have. If you can give an overview of the specific model, brand or headphone technology that shows it's development over time please do not hesitate to do so.

Thanks in advance to all potential contributors. Please note that you have to register to post articles and edit them.


General Knowledge and Reviews Section

Headphone Technology

Dynamic Driver Principle

Isodynamic (aka Orthodynamic) Driver Principle

Electrostatic Driver Principle

Electret Driver Principle

AMT Driver Principle

Piezoelectric Driver Principle

Balanced Armature Driver Principle

Other Headphone Driver Principles

Other Topics of Interest

Ortho Amps Overview

Music for Headphone Listening

Juerg Jecklin

Pictures of Float Owners

USSR Headphone Clone Chart

Vintage Headphones of Interest

Headphone Modifications

Isodynamic Driver Damping

Headphone Reviews and Comparisons

Orthodynamic Headphones Rating Chart

MB QP85 vs. Jecklin Float II

SR-Λ vs. SR-LNS vs. SR-303 & ESP/950

Headphone and Amplification Information Section

What's new?

QUAD's new "FLOAT QA" headphones coming to the New York Show [1]

New Planar headphone gear of interest

Audeze LCD-3

HiFiMan HE-4

HiFiMan HE-500

HiFiMan HE-6

Stax SR-507

Stax SR-407

Stax SR-307

Stax SR-009

Stax SRM-600

New Dynamic headphone gear of interest

Sennheiser HD800

Beyerdynamic T1

Beyerdynamic T5p

Grado PS1000

RudiStor Chroma MD1

HiFiMan HE-3

HiFiMan HE-300

Other new headphone gear of interest


Koss KDE250

TakeT-H2 (N) or (K)

Gear of interest

Headphone Line Information

PMB / MB Quart Overview

Stax Earspeakers Overview

Koss ESP Line Overview

Koss Dynamic Headphones of Interest

Toshiba AUREX Line Overview

Yamaha Orthodynamic Line Overview

Fostex iso/orthodynamic Line Overview

Technics Linear Drive Headphones

Sony Headphones of Interest

AKG Headphones of Interest

Beyerdynamic Headphones of Interest

Sennheiser Headphones of Interest

Audio-Technica Headphones of Interest

Precide Ergo and Jecklin Float Headphones

Grado Headphones of Interest

Ultrasone Headphones of Interest

Pioneer Headphones of Interest

Pioneer Piezoelectric Headphones

Etymotic IEMs

Armature Headphones of Interest

Other orthodynamic headphones

Other electret headphones

Other electrostatic headphones

Other dynamic headphones

USSR orthodynamic headphones

Headphone Model Information

Koss ESP/950

Koss A/250

MB Quart QP400

MB Quart Phones 85

MB Quart Phones 70

PMB85 Dual Action


Ergo AMT System

Jecklin Float Model II

Stax SR-1

Stax SR-2

Stax SR-3

Stax SR-5

Stax SR-Σ (Sigma)

Stax SR-Λ (Lambda)

Stax SR-Λ Nova Signature

Stax SR-404

Stax SR-Σ (Sigma) PRO

Stax SR-Λ Signature

Stax SR-Ω (Omega)

Stax SR-007 (Omega 2)

Stax SR-007MkII

Stax 4070

Stax SR-α PRO Excellent

Stax SR-003

Stax S-001 MkII

HE Audio Jade

Yamaha HP-1

Yamaha YH-1

Yamaha YHD-1

Yamaha YHD-2

Yamaha YHE-50A

Yamaha YH-5M

Yamaha YH-100

Yamaha YH-1000

Yamaha HP-1000

Fostex T10

Fostex T20RP

Fostex T50

Fostex T50RP

Beyerdynamic DT-880

Beyerdynamic DT-48

Sony ECR-500

Sony ECR-800

AKG K1000

Sennheiser HE90

Audio-Technica ATH-8

Dual DK-720

Realistic Pro-30

Elektronica TDS-5 / TDS-5M

Commercial Headphone Amplifier Information

Stax SRM-T2

Stax SRM-T1

Stax SRM-T1S

Stax SRM-T1W

Stax SRM-006t

Stax SRM-007t

Stax SRM-717

Stax SRM-1

Stax SRM-1/MK-2 Pro

Stax SRM Monitor

Stax SRM-313

Stax SRM-212

DIY Headphone Amplifier Information

DIY Dynamic Amplifiers

DIY Electrostatic Amplifiers

DIY MOSFET Amplifiers

To prevent onslaught of spam that recently occurred only users with accounts older than 1 day can create new pages.

If you want to use any information from this wiki please contact me via this page. It is not OK to use this information to sell stuff on eBay. People who contribute to this wiki do not do this to help you sell orthodynamic headphones for inflated prices on sites like eBay. I have implemented hot-link protection for all the images to prevent hot-linking that have taken place several times in the last few months.

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