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SR-1 - Overview

Stax SR-1, photo by spritzer
Stax SR-1, photo by spritzer

The first electrostatic headphone in world, debuted at a Tokyo show in 1959 and put into production in 1960. There were a number of different versions as the product evolved over its 8 year life span. Amongst the changes was a move from a 150VDC bias to 200VDC (which Stax used until 1977) and a new earpad design. There were at least three know versions but due to the age and rarity of the SR-1 it is difficult to pinpoint what the difference between each version was.

General Description of the Sound

Pricing & Other Data of Interest

Technical Specifications:

Stax SR-1 brochure
Stax SR-1 brochure

Name: SR-1

Transducer shape: Round

Electrode type: Perforated copper plate

Diaphragm thickness (micron): High polymer film, 6um ?

Electrode gap: 0.3 mm

Bias Voltage: 150V --> 200V

Impedance: 130k ohms

Frequency Response: 30Hz - 25KHz

Signal cord: 6-core with a fabric cover.

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