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Yamaha YH-100. Photo by Wualta
Yamaha YH-100. Photo by Wualta


Yamaha YH-100 - Overview

YH-100 were positioned by Yamaha as one of their top Orthodynamic headphones in the early 1980's, behind the flagship YH-1000.

The frame was not designed by Mario Bellini, but the basic design of the frame is similar to YH-1 and YH-1000. The cups are closed but vented and resemble YH-1 cups; the vents however are closer to the front of the cup, just behind the earpads. YH-100 uses stronger anisotropic ferrite magnets with 55mm diameter diaphragm, a 4dB improvement in sensitivity over YH-1. Out of the box YH-100 sounds a bit dark and bassy because unlike the YH-1000 it lacks any damping for its diaphragm, but with simple modification it becomes one of the best sounding Yamaha YH series headphones.

General Description of the Sound

In stock form YH-100 is bassy, warm sounding headphones with very characteristic smooth Yamaha Ortho sound signature. After modifications YH-100 sounds similar to YH-1, but improves upon several YH-1 characteristics such as low and high frequency extension.

After proper damping mod YH-100 retains it's smooth character, but all else is greatly improved. Bass now is very tight and fast with amazingly good impact. The high frequencies are clear and sparkling yet not fatiguing. Soundstage is still small but it's accuracy of instrument placement is greatly increased. The most amazing transformation is in the transient response. YH-100 with proper damping is very fast and can go head to head with good electrets and approaches electrostatic quality. Of all orthodynamic headphones that can be easily found and are not horribly expensive YH-100 and YH-1 represent the best value and sound very good after modding. --Faust3d 14:12, 18 November 2008 (EST)

Pricing & Other Data of Interest

YH-100 was a Yamaha's top of the line model around 1981 and sold for about $100.

Technical specifications

Impedance: 150 ohms

Frequency Response: 20 - 20,000Hz

Magnet: Anisotropic Ferrite, 55mm

Diaphragm: 12 micron polyester

Sensitivity: 98dB/mW

Rated Input: 3W

Maximum Input: 10W

YH-100 Service Manual


Below you will find several YH-100 modification techniques.

Tomek's guide #1 to YH-100 modification

Tomek's guide #2 to YH-100 modification

This mod, according to Tomek, get's YH-100 to sound "90% of YH-1000"

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